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Hot Pink Grill

I was going to a film screening in Wimbledon several weeks ago and needed somewhere to eat beforehand. A little Google sniffing resulted in some wildly mediocre offerings until Hot Pink Grill swept… Continue reading

Busaba Eathai

I’ve been here 4 times in the past 3 weeks. I need to stop. Like, seriously. There was also that awkward moment when I went on three consecutive days and the waitress gave… Continue reading

Caravan King’s Cross

I don’t think I have a good enough excuse to explain how disgustingly long it’s been since I last posted on here. You’d be forgiven for thinking I had just stopped eating and… Continue reading

Yalla Yalla

A weekday lunch found me at Yalla Yalla in Soho with a friend. This tiny little Lebanese cafe/restaurant is on a side street slash alley way, so you’d be forgiven for completely missing… Continue reading

Nexxt Cafe

I have literally been dying to tell you guys about the burgers at Nexxt Cafe on Lincoln Road in Miami. O.M.G. It is not possible to exaggerate the amazingness of this place. My friend ordered… Continue reading

The Ruby Slipper Cafe

Stopped to have some breakfast at The Ruby Slipper Cafe on a very hot weekday morning in New Orleans. Their official brunch menu is only available on weekends but they still had a… Continue reading


So, to demonstrate the extent of my greediness, that little cupcake from Lola’s came after all of THIS at Meatliquor. So yeah, I really do overeat. Now if you’re a Londoner and have… Continue reading

Tuk Cho

Tuk Cho is this new-ish Pan Asian noodle bar/restaurant place that’s opened in Ealing, London. I went for a late lunch with my friend over the weekend and it was really quiet. Probably because… Continue reading


Indian food Dishoom-style is very interesting. Dishoom is one of those super trendy Indian restaurants (they call themselves a Bombay cafe) in central London that everyone is dying to go to. It was my… Continue reading