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This was my first time going to Byron’s. I’ve been avoiding it for years, but then finally caved in to peer pressure. We went to the one in Angel which was decorated in… Continue reading

Nexxt Cafe

I have literally been dying to tell you guys about the burgers at Nexxt Cafe on Lincoln Road in Miami. O.M.G. It is not possible to exaggerate the amazingness of this place. My friend ordered… Continue reading

Burgers and Fashion: GBK @ AFW

Last weekend was African Fashion Week. I was quite disappointed as the fashion on display was generally quite confusing (read quite dated) and I know we have better African designers than those I… Continue reading

Dollar Grills

Nothing quite hits the spot like a burger, my recent (or maybe not so recent) obsession. It doesn’t help that I’m surrounded by similarly greedy individuals who further encourage this fascination. Friends who… Continue reading


So, to demonstrate the extent of my greediness, that little cupcake from Lola’s came after all of THIS at Meatliquor. So yeah, I really do overeat. Now if you’re a Londoner and have… Continue reading

Silver Diner

This was eaten at the Silver Diner in Baltimore Airport. Pretty good. It was this strangely good combination of honey mustard, blue cheese, onion straws(!) and bacon. Can’t ever go wrong with bacon.… Continue reading