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Brunch @ Brown’s

This was an example of pure mediocrity. I’d never been to Brown’s before and it turns out to be a chain that markets itself as being a¬†little upmarket. You would think that’d guarantee… Continue reading

Caravan King’s Cross

I don’t think I have a good enough excuse to explain how disgustingly long it’s been since I last posted on here. You’d be forgiven for thinking I had just stopped eating and… Continue reading

South Beach Brunch

I was recently on holiday in America for a couple of weeks, and I pretty much ate a full on brunch everyday. For two whole weeks. Disgusting, I know. Actually no, I lie,… Continue reading


Indian food¬†Dishoom-style is very interesting. Dishoom is one of those super trendy Indian restaurants (they call themselves a Bombay cafe) in central London that everyone is dying to go to. It was my… Continue reading