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The homemade one

People bring in cakes when they’re leaving a company to start a new job. I wish people would leave more often. Advertisements

Black Bottom Cupcake

Another day, another trip to the Hummingbird Bakery. Got myself a chocolate bottom cupcake (dark chocolate sponge with a soft cheesecake centre and a cream cheese frosting) in their cute little Chinese takeaway… Continue reading

Oreo Bottom Cupcake

By no stretch of the imagination is my eldest sister a good cook. Like myself, she only goes into the kitchen when necessary. Which is why I was surprised when she baked some… Continue reading

Ca’puccino Cafe

Ca’puccino Cafe in Westfield has a dark Alice in Wonderland feel to it, with random armchairs and stacks of books; really atmospheric. I wouldn’t write home about what I drank though. I ordered the… Continue reading

Buttercup Cupcakes

I think my favourite cupcakes in London are the ones from Buttercup Cake Shop. They honestly have theee cutest cupcakes. And I’ll probably get stoned for saying this, but I think they’re better… Continue reading

Cherry On Top

  I’m gonna be working near L’Eto Caffe very soon, when this will develop into a serious problem.

The Hummingbird Dozen

Summer is filled with birthdays. Even mine’s coming up next week. As a result you sometimes have to give people cupcakes. Grudgingly. Then there’s this awkward moment when you get all territorial over the… Continue reading

Peanut Caramel Apple

A caramel apple from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Yum.

Lola’s. Again.

All cupcakes are from Lola’s Kitchen. I’m admittedly a Hummingbird or Buttercup girl, so haven’t tried the vast majority of these. Might have to though. All in the name of ‘blog research.’

Bill’s Doughnuts

I honestly could have slept at Bill’s. Quite possibly one of the coziest restaurants I’ve ever been to. Bill’s is a restaurant, slash shop, slash cafe. We found this branch in Soho after wandering around… Continue reading