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Chicken and Cupcakes: A Birthday to Remember

So it was my friend’s birthday and I forgot. I was then reminded that I had forgotten. So I did what any good friend would do: went over to said friend’s house with… Continue reading

Le Boucherie

A scenic street car ride down the famous St Charles Avenue in New Orleans, followed by a short but sweltering walk down Carollton Avenue will get you to a rustic little restaurant tucked… Continue reading

The French Café

Sorry that I haven’t posted on here in like forever. I’ve been inundated with ‘real life’ which is always fun: new job, paralympics, blah blah. ANYWAYS, I promise it won’t happen again. Until… Continue reading

Full…in Miami

These were “chicken wings”. I say that with inverted commas because they were soft little balls with cheese in them. We thought they’d got our order wrong, but nope, these are “chicken wings”.… Continue reading


So, to demonstrate the extent of my greediness, that little cupcake from Lola’s came after all of THIS at Meatliquor. So yeah, I really do overeat. Now if you’re a Londoner and have… Continue reading