South Beach Brunch

I was recently on holiday in America for a couple of weeks, and I pretty much ate a full on brunch everyday. For two whole weeks. Disgusting, I know. Actually no, I lie,… Continue reading

Honey Cake

More window perving at L’Eto Caffe. Although I did actually follow through and eat this.  

Tea and Cake. And Balls.

Sequence of events isn’t quite right here, but I also had chocolate cake on the weekend. And I swear it wasn’t on the same day I had the burger-fest, that would have just… Continue reading


So, to demonstrate the extent of my greediness, that little cupcake from Lola’s came after all of THIS at Meatliquor. So yeah, I really do overeat. Now if you’re a Londoner and have… Continue reading

Lola’s (mini) Kitchen

My weekend wouldn’t have been complete without a mini oreo cupcake from Lola’s Kitchen. This was gone in virtually two bites. I might be making it sound like I didn’t eat much over the… Continue reading

Tuk Cho

Tuk Cho is this new-ish Pan Asian noodle bar/restaurant place that’s opened in Ealing, London. I went for a late lunch with my friend over the weekend and it was really quiet. Probably because… Continue reading


A Red Velvet Birthday

My friend’s birthday – red velvet cake courtesy of the Humming Bird Bakery.

Home Made Cupcakes

Home made cupcakes. Where it’s at. Just to be clear, my hands were not harmed in the making of these cupcakes. Other people’s were. Namely my friends and colleagues that I use for… Continue reading

Silver Diner

This was eaten at the Silver Diner in Baltimore Airport. Pretty good. It was this strangely good combination of honey mustard, blue cheese, onion straws(!) and bacon. Can’t ever go wrong with bacon.… Continue reading