Five Guys

This might not be the prettiest burger out there, but OMG is it delicious. Hands down the best fast food burger in America. No contest. This was my first time at Five Guys… Continue reading

Nude Espresso

Spent a nice sunny day around the Brick Lane area and stumbled upon a nice little cafe called Nude Espresso, and went in, ironically, for some tea. The place is really small and really… Continue reading

Buttercup Cupcakes

I think my favourite cupcakes in London are the ones from Buttercup Cake Shop. They honestly have theee cutest cupcakes. And I’ll probably get stoned for saying this, but I think they’re better… Continue reading

Cherry On Top

  I’m gonna be working near L’Eto Caffe very soon, when this will develop into a serious problem.

The Hummingbird Dozen

Summer is filled with birthdays. Even mine’s coming up next week. As a result you sometimes have to give people cupcakes. Grudgingly. Then there’s this awkward moment when you get all territorial over the… Continue reading

Begneits and the Desire to Die in New Orleans

The icing sugar laden begneits at the world famous Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. No trip to New Orleans is evidently complete without a visit to this place, so I went. It was actually my… Continue reading

Full…in Miami

These were “chicken wings”. I say that with inverted commas because they were soft little balls with cheese in them. We thought they’d got our order wrong, but nope, these are “chicken wings”.… Continue reading

Go Big or Go Home

London doesn’t normally compete with America when it comes to portion size, but there’s this one spot in Westbourne Grove in West London that certainly tries. Mulberry Street is apparently ‘London’s only authentic… Continue reading


I’m the sort of person who doesn’t like touching raw meat with their bare hands and whose chicken comes from the freezer section of the supermarket, no questions asked. Anything to suggest a… Continue reading

Burgers and Fashion: GBK @ AFW

Last weekend was African Fashion Week. I was quite disappointed as the fashion on display was generally quite confusing (read quite dated) and I know we have better African designers than those I… Continue reading