Damera and Merkato: The Ethiopian Food Fix

As I’m half Ethiopian, I find that I can’t get by without a fix of some Ethiopian food (injera) every couple of weeks or so. I’m too lazy to cook it at home,… Continue reading

Red Velvet @ Home

So my sister is into the whole amateur baking thing at the moment. Suits me fine. She made this red velvet cake (Hummingbird Bakery recipe) for my other sister’s birthday. And my sister… Continue reading

Le Boucherie

A scenic street car ride down the famous St Charles Avenue in New Orleans, followed by a short but sweltering walk down Carollton Avenue will get you to a rustic little restaurant tucked… Continue reading

Yalla Yalla

A weekday lunch found me at Yalla Yalla in Soho with a friend. This tiny little Lebanese cafe/restaurant is on a side street slash alley way, so you’d be forgiven for completely missing… Continue reading

Black Bottom Cupcake

Another day, another trip to the Hummingbird Bakery. Got myself a chocolate bottom cupcake (dark chocolate sponge with a soft cheesecake centre and a cream cheese frosting) in their cute little Chinese takeaway… Continue reading


Went to the Wahaca in Soho for a mid week, after work dinner with my friend. Wahaca, which does Mexican street food, is a buzzing, cheerful little place. All the Wahacas in London… Continue reading


This was my first time going to Byron’s. I’ve been avoiding it for years, but then finally caved in to peer pressure. We went to the one in Angel which was decorated in… Continue reading

Tea + Cake @ L’Eto Caffe

Went for cake and tea at L’Eto Caffe the other night. As you know, this is one of my favourite places. Went for the reliable old honey cake. The layers of honey and… Continue reading

Oreo Bottom Cupcake

By no stretch of the imagination is my eldest sister a good cook. Like myself, she only goes into the kitchen when necessary. Which is why I was surprised when she baked some… Continue reading

The French Café

Sorry that I haven’t posted on here in like forever. I’ve been inundated with ‘real life’ which is always fun: new job, paralympics, blah blah. ANYWAYS, I promise it won’t happen again. Until… Continue reading