I find myself consuming food at all hours of the day. Food comes second to books on my ‘Things that Make Me Happy’ list (The Backstreet Boys come third. No need to judge me, done that already.) I figured I might as well share what I’m eating, give some vague recommendations (hopefully receive some in return!) and also give my camera a work out in the process. I live in London, so most of the food will be from there, but some will be from my holidays (I eat even more whilst away.)


Me – at various stages of consumption.

So in summation, I love food. Eating it. And taking pretty pictures of it. And then pretentiously talking about it. Join me. We can be pretentious together!

And all pictures are mine blah blah blah, unless otherwise stated.

Oh and if you happen to like books too, I am shamelessly plugging my book blog, shelf life. Check it out, I sound infinitely smarter over on that side: www.1shelflife.wordpress.com