Brunch @ Brown’s

This was an example of pure mediocrity. I’d never been to Brown’s before and it turns out to be a chain that markets itself as being a little upmarket.


You would think that’d guarantee you a decent breakfast. Nope. I went to the branch in Victoria as my friend was heading up to Manchester from the station – a fact that we made known to them from the get go, with the hopes that we’d receive a fast service. Wrong, again. I should point out that this was on a Sunday morning in Victoria, so the restaurant was virtually empty.



20140216_112137We ordered some tea and 1.5 – 2 breakfasts each because we couldn’t decide. We really wanted French toast but also wanted some kind of eggs, so we opted for a combination of both. And then we waited.


And waited. A couple who had come in 15 minutes after us received their food. We carried on waiting and nothing came despite us reiterating to various waitresses that we were in a hurry to catch a train. 30 minutes after ordering, they finally show up with the food. Does that even happen in restaurants anymore, where you wait that long to receive food?! Especially when it’s empty?! I ate my eggs benedict first – technically egg singular as I opted for just one egg.

Eggs Benedict

(1) Egg Benedict, £5

The menu describes the eggs benedict as a toasted English muffin, honey roast ham, poached free range egg with hollandaise sauce. Firstly, it was very clearly bacon that I was eating and not ham, secondly, the egg was very well done (no sign of runny yolk anywhere) and lastly, the hollandaise sauce was congealed! Honestly – it was practically solid and completely unforgivable. My friend had ordered the free range scrambled eggs with smoked salmon as the first half of her breakfast. Totally meh.

Free range scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and toast, £7

Free range scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and toast, £7

Moving swiftly on to my cinnamon French toast.

Cinnamon French Toast

Cinnamon French Toast, £5

The French toast is served with caramelised bananas and maple syrup. Top prize for anyone who can spot the maple syrup! DRY, DRY, DRY. It didn’t matter that it was brioche being used, French toast without maple syrup is not French toast – it’s eggy bread. By this point we were running so late I couldn’t be bothered to complain, I just accepted my fate. After waiting another age for the bill to arrive (we were literally standing by the door to pay because we couldn’t afford to wait much longer) we made a dash for Victoria station.

So, would I go back here? Most certainly not. Poor service and average food – why bother?