Chocolate Cake Served with a Snog

I’m inundated with birthdays at the moment. This was an office affair and I was nominated to go and buy the food. I didn’t mind too much as I’m at my most comfortable inside a cake shop. I picked this cake from Patisserie Valerie. It’s a Selva Gateau which is a chocolate sponge cake layered with a sabayon cream, fresh cream and fresh fruits. It’s then finished with white chocolate flakes, dark chocolate and a little bit of alcohol. I’m not normally a fruit in cake (or in dessert in general) person, but this actually worked really well. The fruit was subtle and made the cake nice and moist.

Selva Gateau

I then popped over to Snog to get some pure frozen yogurt. What’s funny about this branch of Snog is that it’s located in the seedy part of Soho, right in the middle of all the sex shops and the ‘massage’ parlours. So I suppose you could get a ‘massage’ and then finish it off with a Snog. Just a suggestion.

Snog is British slang for kiss by the way. They do four different sizes, so I bought two of the massives which is the largest they do. Wasn’t too impressed with the narrow selection of flavours on offer, but after a brief taste test decided on two half and half tubs of natural and mandarine.

Mandarine and Natural flavoured FroYo

And when you buy two massives, you get a complimentary Snog freezer bag and stickers which are incredibly cute:

Snog freezer bag

It’s not particularly cheap mind. £15.55 in total. It admittedly landed up being a lot and only one of the two tubs was finished, but then again, I work in one of those offices where everyone watches their weight like a hawk and there’s Pilates in the building like every bloody day. I actually saw someone break a brownie BITE into two so that they only ate half! How depressing is that?!