Chicken and Cupcakes: A Birthday to Remember

So it was my friend’s birthday and I forgot. I was then reminded that I had forgotten. So I did what any good friend would do: went over to said friend’s house with some fried chicken and chips from the local greasy chicken shop with the seedy cashier who’ll give you extra chips if you smile nicely at him.

I got her a deluxe meal that came with bonus chicken wings. All for the bargain price of £1.99.  Now am I not the bestest friend in the world or am I not the bestest friend in the world?!  And as if that wasn’t enough, I came armed with some Hummingbird cupcakes. Am I great or am I great? I did forget to get an accompanying drink though. My bad. For all the effort I had gone through, Birthday Girl was truly ungrateful. People these days huh?

The chicken is from a proper gangsta shop called Mighty Chicken. They’re so afraid of their customers they’ve got a bullet-proof plexi-glass partition that separates the counter from the kitchen. They slide your chips over to you like it’s drug money. To be fair, you probably have to be really drunk to enjoy their food (I was sober and didn’t particularly struggle to finish).

It’s all about clogging those arteries

I mostly watched as Birthday Girl ate the cupcakes by herself. Dressed in a very attractive number. A very happening evening, I have to say. Who says 28 is old age?!

Red velvet and vanilla with turquoise frosting

Chocolate and black bottom

Chocolate sprinkles

Turquoise vanilla


Washed down with a couple of shots of Bailey’s, what more could a person ask for? Except for better sleep wear perhaps.

Ungrateful Birthday Girl