Red Dog Saloon

I feel like its been a while since I’ve written about burgers (since I’ve written at all, if I’m honest), so would like to share this painful (in a good way) experience at Red Dog Saloon with you. I know I always say this when I go out to eat burgers, but so many elements of this meal were just pure perfection. I  went on about it for days after. I’m still going on about it now, “Remember that one time when we went to Red Dog Saloon?”

This was a Friday night in Hoxton, and even though we got there before 7pm, we couldn’t get a table inside at first. We were prepared to sit outside, but then the waitress was feeling generous and found us a small table inside. As the night progressed, the place got proper packed, so I would definitely try and book beforehand if you can (we tried and failed).

My Eating Buddy

We started with chicken wings. The original Buffalo wings can be ordered as 4, 8, or 12. For the first time in recorded history we went for the smallest portion size of 4.

Original Buffalo Wings

We also ordered a side of french fries (didn’t get a picture of those as people get incredibly twitchy about my picture-taking when they’re hungry) and a portion of onion rings. I feel that I need to dedicate some serious time to these onion rings, because I can honestly say that never in all my twenty something years have I ever crossed such onion ring perfection. We’ve come to accept greasy onion rings as standard, with the batter breaking off and leaving you with a chunky string of onion. Not here. No grease in sight, and it was just plain batter. It was breaded so had this perfectly light crispiness to it. Faultless.

Onion Rings

Despite all the authentic American barbeque the menu had to offer, we were both craving a burger. I went for the Blue Cheese and Bacon burger whilst my friend went for The Heat Seeker. My burger was cooked to medium perfection and came with Stilton, red onion chutney, applewood smoked bacon, and of course pickles, lettuce and onions. You can also add onion strings to your burger at no extra cost. Onion strings are strips of crispy, sweet genius.

Blue Cheese & Bacon
Half way there….

There was so much going on in my burger that there were, indeed, some structural issues, but it was an enjoyably drippy and melty mess. I have to say that I did find the Stilton overpowering, but that’s my personal taste and I should have known better before ordering a burger with Stilton in it. Other than that, spot on.

The Heat Seeker

I tasted some of my friend’s Heat Seeker burger, and it was gooooood. The burger is served with jalapenos, red pepper flakes, Louisiana hot sauce and Pepper Jack cheese. All varieties of hot in one burger. Damn good.

Watermelon Martini and Pear Cider

I can honestly say that I’ve never been that full in my entire life. I was literally in pain. But it was so worth it.

Things you should know about the Red Dog Saloon, they have challenges. The Hot Wing Challenge and The Devastator challenge. Throughout the night, we were surprised to see so many people (all men) participating in these challenges, so it was a really fun atmosphere as everyone in the restaurant gets involved in all the chanting etc And if you don’t know what The Devastator burger looks like, it’s this:

The Devastator – 3 x 6oz patties, 200g pulled pork, 6 rashers of bacon, 6 slices of American cheese!!!!!!!