Le Boucherie

A scenic street car ride down the famous St Charles Avenue in New Orleans, followed by a short but sweltering walk down Carollton Avenue will get you to a rustic little restaurant tucked away onto a side street. Le Boucherie, serving contemporary Southern cuisine, is located in an old house with a quaint old porch at the front. You wouldn’t even necessarily know it was a restaurant, but as we’d heard so much about it (especially their Krispy Kreme bread pudding!), we knew where to go (after countless directions and our French pronunciation of Le Boucherie, corrected to Le Buch-ery, haha!)

Le Boucherie – NOLA

Due to having had our breakfast about an hour before reaching the restaurant, we weren’t particularly hungry, so opted for something on the relatively light side. My sister had the Smoked Cornish Game Hen (don’t know why they don’t just say chicken) in Sauce Pepian with Cotija Cheese and Plantain Arepa with Sauteed Kale. A long, convoluted way of saying posh jerk chicken with plantains and spinach.

Jerk Chicken and Plantain

The plantain was so sweet and soft it literally melted in your mouth. The chicken was really good though my sister said breast meat was always dry and it wasn’t quite spicy enough. But full marks on the whole presentation thing.

I had the Duck Confit Po’boy with Roasted Garlic, Bread and Butter Pickles, Arugula, and Creole Tomatoes. By this point in our New Orleans trip I had been totally Po’boy-ed out, but I didn’t think I could stomach anything more substantial. Unfortunately, this was a bit of  let down. The consistency of the duck really freaked me out, it was slick and almost raw-like. I resorted to eating with my eyes closed.

Duck Confit Po’boy

So we eventually got to the dessert, the reason we had come here in the first place. The Krispy Kreme bread pudding had come highly recommended, so we got one to share. DEE-VINE.

Kirspy Kreme Bread Pudding

We would call it bread and butter pudding here in England, but this was a simple but highly effective twist to the tradition. Sweet, soft, and a little crunchy. Worth the scenic trek.