Went to the Wahaca in Soho for a mid week, after work dinner with my friend. Wahaca, which does Mexican street food, is a buzzing, cheerful little place. All the Wahacas in London are really nice spaces: bright colours, clashing patterns, clever lighting and disturbing art. I like coming here a lot, it’s casual and fun.


To start we had the squid and chipotle which is on their Summer Specials menu. The chipotle dipping sauce was perfect with the lime splattered squid pieces. It was also surprisingly nutty in taste. Probably could have done with slightly thinner pieces of squid though.

Squid and Chipotle

I always order the fish taco, and this time wasn’t any different. Plaice goujons with some crunchy salad on soft tacos, topped with chipotle mayonnaise, guajillo oil, and crema mayo mix. It also comes with rice and beans and a sunflower seed salad. The taste of the rice and beans can sometimes be a little overbearing, and the beans a little thick, but I guess that might be the point of the whole thing.

Fish Tacos

There’s nothing mind blowing about these tacos, they’re just good and dependable, though they do get rather messy and the whole thing starts to disintegrate on you. I also kind of drown my tacos in the ‘dash of wahaca’ sauces which are not just hot, but really flavoursome. Especially the fiery habanero chili sauce; the tacos definitely need them.

a dash of wahaca

I should probably mention that my friend thought it a good idea that we order tequila to ‘sip’ on during the course of the meal. I was totally not for this idea, but the waiter was overselling the idea and my friend was really buying into it, so I found myself face to face with a much larger than thought shot of Calle 23 tequila (hints of citrus and apples). It was practically a tumbler. And it was fiery, and strange to be sipping on while eating. I maintain that tequila should be reserved for a Friday night/Saturday morning with some salt, lemon and a lack of dignity. It is not a civilized drink.

Calle 23 Tequila

My friend ordered a chicken burrito (that I didn’t get a picture of because she’s a greedy bitch) that came with tortilla chips, alongside some fried sweet potato chunks (which I could have made myself at home).

Tortilla chips


Sweet potato

It was a nice and relaxing dinner, that left us with full stomachs. But not full enough to not wander to L’Eto Caffe for some dessert 😉

Wahaca, Soho – interior / exterior