This was my first time going to Byron’s. I’ve been avoiding it for years, but then finally caved in to peer pressure. We went to the one in Angel which was decorated in a somewhat distressed manner (externally and internally). My friend from Canada didn’t get it, questioning whether the look was intentional or not: “Why’re you taking me to this dirty looking place?” Admittedly, when we passed by the building in the early hours of the following morning, with the lights out and the doors closed, the building did look like it had barely survived an arson attack. Perhaps a little too convincing on the whole distressed thing. ANYWAY, the food.

What first struck me was how limited the menu was. These days you expect a wide variety of burger options, but here, there were a total of six options; one of which was a plain, regular hamburger, and the other a bunless option; so in reality you only have four options.

Californian Burger – Special

Not really pulled to any of the burgers, we were saved by the special they had running throughout August – the Californian burger. It comes with guacamole, pickled red onion, dry cured bacon, shredded iceberg and a glazed bun. It was different from the type of burger I’d normally gravitate towards, but it was nice. Pleasant. That’s about it.

Californian Burger with Courgette Fries

I was very much against the idea of ordering the courgette fries, but I was pleasantly surprised. They were nice and crispy if a little greasy, but the blue cheese dip they came with was offensively strong. And the fries also grew cold before I even had a chance to bite into my burger. Throughout the meal, the only word that kept popping into my head was ‘average’, because that is precisely what it was. Nothing exceptional, nothing particularly memorable. A completely forgettable experience.

Byron’s in Islington – interior