Oreo Bottom Cupcake

By no stretch of the imagination is my eldest sister a good cook. Like myself, she only goes into the kitchen when necessary. Which is why I was surprised when she baked some birthday cupcakes for me. It was evidently a Hummingbird Bakery recipe that she’d found online. She was giving her excuses for the cupcakes even before she had handed the container over to me; the icing being runny was one of them, as was the cakes being overcooked. My expectations were fairly low.

But OMG, I was blown away.


Not the most attractive of cupcakes, but they were absolutely delicious! A chocolate cupcake with a mini chocolate Oreo placed at the bottom, and then topped with icing made from regular white-middled Oreos. I did not share these cupcakes, I ate every last one by myself. All twelve.