The French Café

Sorry that I haven’t posted on here in like forever. I’ve been inundated with ‘real life’ which is always fun: new job, paralympics, blah blah. ANYWAYS, I promise it won’t happen again. Until next time it happens.

I was at The French Café in Balham a couple of weeks ago for a quiet weekday lunch with some family. We go there quite often because my aunt doesn’t like change.

The French Cafe

They do a daily 2-course Prix Fixe menu for £9.95 which is what we opted for. The dishes on this menu change daily, but they do have some regulars on there. To start we had the caramelised onion and goat’s cheese tartlette served with a side salad and a basil dressing. It was nice. Not sensational, but nice. The pastry was flaky and the goat’s cheese/caramelised onion combo always works well.

Goat’s cheese and caramelised onion tartlette

Now the mains was where it got a bit iffy. We always land up having the chicken which is actually really good. The chicken breast is flattened and comes with a mushroomy peppercorn sauce, that’s very buttery and has a delicate sweetness to it. The kind that has you licking; nice and creamy. It’s a good dish; yummy, no fuss.

In an effort to deviate from the norm, I thought I’d try something different from this fixed menu and went for the beef croquette. Hmmmmmm.

Maybe it was a misunderstanding of what ‘croquette’ was on my part, but it was essentially a little fish cake-like thing but there was obviously beef in place of the fish. It had a breadcrumbed exterior and the interior made up of  mashed potato and beef. It wasn’t particularly unpleasant, just strange. Not something I’d order again. It came with an onion jam (which most things do these days) and that did admittedly lift the meal up a bit, but this was definitely not my favourite meal from The French Café.