Nexxt Cafe

I have literally been dying to tell you guys about the burgers at Nexxt Cafe on Lincoln Road in Miami. O.M.G. It is not possible to exaggerate the amazingness of this place.

American Cheese B.L.T.

My friend ordered the American Cheese B.L.T which is simply huuuuuge. Stacked to the max. It’s a fairly simple burger: American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and ‘Secret Sauce’. I had a good time watching her try to eat it. And an even better time as other diners started watching her and she started to get uncomfortable. A burger this size will inevitably result in some structural issues.

The Struggle

My sister ordered the Truffle Love burger which comes with sweet grilled onions, Swiss cheese, bacon and truffle aioli:

Truffle Love Burger

I have to admit that I was pretty jealous of her. Their menu is soooooooo extensive that it took me forever to order, and the Truffle Love burger had been on my short list. So I eventually opted for the Nexxt burger which was absolutely divine; juicy and cooked to perfection. The burger comes with oven roasted tomatoes, caramelised onions, sauteed Shiitake mushrooms, Parmesan crisp and ketchup. Like all that wasn’t enough, I got slightly confused when placing my order and added American cheese to my burger when asked if I wanted any cheese. With two portions of fries to share between us, it was one hell of a satisfying meal; one of the happiest dining experiences of my life.

Nexxt Burger

This cafe is one of those crazy places where the quality of the food is to a high standard, the portions are huge, and the prices are scary low: All our burgers were priced between $8 and $9, how amazing is that?! And their menu, seriously, it goes on for days with sooo many delicious looking things on it, making it almost impossible to decide. Reason enough to go back to Miami.