Largo Bar and Grill

The Largo Bar and Grill is at the Bayside Marketplace in downtown Miami. One of us ordered the Ahi Tuna Salad which is pan-seared tuna with chopped almonds and a sesame, gingery, citrus dressing. Looked better than it tasted. Which came to be a recurring theme at this restaurant.

Ahi Tuna Salad

I ordered the fish tacos with a side of pickled cucumber salad. Though the fish is apparently marinated and is topped with chipotle and cilantro sauces (coriander for us), it was as bland as hell. My friend who had ordered the angus sliders STILL  b*tches about it today. The ‘sliders’ were literally two pieces of bread with meat in between; no sauces or toppings, nothing. But we were all so hungry that we had no choice but to eat.

Purple Fish Tacos

Do not get me started on the service here. Quite possibly the worst I have EVER received. To the point where we actually went INTO THE KITCHEN to place our order. The food took forever to arrive and they were not at all apologetic. We honestly could have left without paying because I, again, had to go into the kitchen to ask for the bill. And they used the excuse that they were understaffed. It was admittedly the week that Miami Heat had won the Championships (or something, haha), but that’s not enough of an excuse. All the more reason why they should have been prepared. It was absolutely appalling.