Nude Espresso

Spent a nice sunny day around the Brick Lane area and stumbled upon a nice little cafe called Nude Espresso, and went in, ironically, for some tea.

Nude Espresso, Brick Lane

The place is really small and really cute, but didn’t have much of a selection in terms of baked goods. A few muffins, little fruit cakes, some cookies, and the brownie that I eventually opted for.

Brownies and Tea

I’m not much of a coffee drinker so all their spiel about ‘bringing it back to basics’ and producing the finest individually-sourced coffee falls onto deaf ears with me. The tea was perfectly nice (although that’s pretty hard to ruin) and you can share a pot rather than get one each which I find a lot of places make you do (1 pot made 3.5 cups). But have to say, the cups were perhaps a little too small; a few sips and you’re done.

Not sure why you’d want to follow or tweet a coffee shop, but hey.

Brick Lane in the late afternoon sunshine is very pretty though. In a dirty kinda way.

Brick Lane