Bill’s Doughnuts

I honestly could have slept at Bill’s. Quite possibly one of the coziest restaurants I’ve ever been to.



Bill’s is a restaurant, slash shop, slash cafe. We found this branch in Soho after wandering around aimlessly for hours (in reality, 30 minutes). The jar-lined shelves with the chilies hanging from the rafters make you feel like you’re eating in someone’s pantry/kitchen. It’s very rustic (although admittedly a contrived rustic, if you know what I mean, but I didn’t mind) with whole recipes written out on large chalk boards; but then that’s contrasted with these large industrial pipes and lights hanging from the ceiling.

It wasn’t my most clever moment when I ordered the chocolate brownie milkshake. Especially when the original plan was to have a brownie for dessert, so we both ordered the warm mini cinnamon doughnuts with fresh strawberries and warm chocolate dipping sauce. FYI, milkshake and desserts do not go well together. It is just waaay too much. Having said that, it was somewhat underwhelming for a brownie milkshake. No bits or anything, and not as thick as I’d expected (which was incidentally for the better as I  would have just clogged up my arteries when drinking that with my dessert).

The doughnuts arrived on this slab of rough, bark-edged wood topped with pink patterned grease proof-like paper, and they were stacked into a distressed tin mug. Almost too cute to eat. Almost.

They were nice and warm and had just the right amount of sugar and cinnamon on them (not drowning in sugar like you get in some places). Now I love dark chocolate, but I love cinnamon more, so I felt the sauce kind of obliterated the cinnamon taste on the doughnuts, so landed up eating the doughnuts by themselves instead. Didn’t stop me from picking at the sauce with my fork though.

It’s a very relaxed and intimate environment, and despite people constantly coming in and out, we were never pressured to leave. Saw some pretty yummy looking steaks being brought out on tree bark; would love to know if anyone else has been here to have proper food…

We stayed there talking for hours in the candlelight and generally making a mess with the wax. But when our candles eventually melted into nothing it seemed rude to ask for new ones, so we finally got up and left.