Po’ Boys and Jazz

Po’ Boys (which for you and me means sandwiches) and New Orleans go hand in hand. This is a shrimp one eaten out on the hill at Algiers Point listening to some jazz (free every Wednesday night). New Orleans is the only place where the sun can be setting and you’re still sweating like a whore. I still get flashbacks of that heat.

Algiers Point

Algiers Point

You have to cross over from the main city via ferry to get to Algiers Point, and it’s a quaint little place where not much happens. Streets are very quiet, only one or two commercial buildings and the customary rocking chair/American flag combo happening at every house. Couldn’t have been further away from London if I’d tried.

This was my first night in NOLA and I guess when I discovered that a po’ boy is essentially just a sandwich. Certainly not the best (somewhat bland and a little bready), but the general atmosphere made it taste better.

Shrimp Po' Boy

Shrimp Po’ Boy