Tuk Cho

Tuk Cho is this new-ish Pan Asian noodle bar/restaurant place that’s opened in Ealing, London. I went for a late lunch with my friend over the weekend and it was really quiet. Probably because all Londoners are in hibernation due to the Olympics (flashbacks of the central line during a summer rush hour can do that to people). Seriously though, it’s like a ghost town at times!

ANYWAY. It’s a nice space, with benches, ditzy cushions and urban lighting. There were elements of the meal that were good (lime prawns with the sweet chili/garlic dipping sauce…though overpriced for how absolutely tiny the portion was), and other elements that were totally underwhelming (fish cakes can only be described as leathery, and the Vietnamese Bun Cha Hanoi in particular…which basically means grilled pork with a bunch of green healthy stuff and a smattering of noodles. A Vietnamese street stall classic, so I’m told.) I was trying to experiment a little and got something that was too much on the healthy side to even attempt enjoying. Serves me right. Oh well. Maybe next time my fingers will point at something with a little bit more oil in it.