Indian food Dishoom-style is very interesting. Dishoom is one of those super trendy Indian restaurants (they call themselves a Bombay cafe) in central London that everyone is dying to go to. It was my friend’s birthday, and our predicted queuing time was 1.5 hours. Yeah. I was not happy about this. Hardly a nightclub. Weirdly, a member of our party said something to the Host and we were seated within 5 minutes!

This is Indian food with a distinct tapas-like element to it (dishes in small sharing pots) with a very urbanised, hip feel to the place (haphazard low lighting with lots of cloudy chrome and aged wood). The website alone is beautiful to look at. The picture of the eggs I’ve put up is from there.

Having said that, I wasn’t blown away by the flavours or anything (only Tayyab’s in Whitechapel can do this for me. If you haven’t had their lamb chops, go! Now.) So is Dishoom the most authentic Indian food/experience out there? Probably not. But it’s fun.