Brunch @ Brown’s

This was an example of pure mediocrity. I’d never been to Brown’s before and it turns out to be a chain that markets itself as being a little upmarket. You would think that’d guarantee… Continue reading

Hot Pink Grill

I was going to a film screening in Wimbledon several weeks ago and needed somewhere to eat beforehand. A little Google sniffing resulted in some wildly mediocre offerings until Hot Pink Grill swept… Continue reading

The homemade one

People bring in cakes when they’re leaving a company to start a new job. I wish people would leave more often.

Busaba Eathai

I’ve been here 4 times in the past 3 weeks. I need to stop. Like, seriously. There was also that awkward moment when I went on three consecutive days and the waitress gave… Continue reading

Winkel 43, Amsterdam

Amsterdam in the spring time; a very cold but sunny morning. My friends and I stumbled upon this cute little cafe in the Jordaan district that was not only packed to the brim… Continue reading

Mille Feuille

For no particular reason, treated myself to some cake from Patisserie Valerie. I have to say, mille feuille is one of my favourites, and this one was pretty intense. Armed with a knife… Continue reading

Caravan King’s Cross

I don’t think I have a good enough excuse to explain how disgustingly long it’s been since I last posted on here. You’d be forgiven for thinking I had just stopped eating and… Continue reading

Chocolate Cake Served with a Snog

I’m inundated with birthdays at the moment. This was an office affair and I was nominated to go and buy the food. I didn’t mind too much as I’m at my most comfortable… Continue reading

Chicken and Cupcakes: A Birthday to Remember

So it was my friend’s birthday and I forgot. I was then reminded that I had forgotten. So I did what any good friend would do: went over to said friend’s house with… Continue reading

Red Dog Saloon

I feel like its been a while since I’ve written about burgers (since I’ve written at all, if I’m honest), so would like to share this painful (in a good way) experience at Red… Continue reading